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At Feather Agency we like to offer what we would like to receive. For this reason, we have created a simple 3-step process to turn your dream into reality.



As before any trip, we need to know where we want to go and how.

Thus, we get to know each other and work together to find the optimal solution for your business, creating a development strategy.



Based on the strategy and action plan, we get to work.

You will be constantly up to date with the current stage of the project, having access to a private monitoring and coordination area.



We are partners, and for this reason we want to offer you services to be proud of.

You receive the project just in time and we analyze future development paths.



The process of digitization and the online presence of your business can be a difficult puzzle to decipher when you outsource all these processes to several companies.

Feather Agency is your partner in this whole process. We offer you all the services you need in one place, interconnected and constantly evolving, for a truly in-house experience.

Also, because we know that you are unique, we offer you the opportunity to dream beyond the limitations of an offer, thinking together the right solutions for your success.



Strategies | Publicitity | Events

  • Marketing represents the “art and the science of selling”. Being an art, it is obvious there is not only one way for promoting your brand and with Feather Agency you can be sure that, togheter, we will find the entry to the museum.
  • We can make ourselves an impresion about a person in seconds. That beign said, our goal is to make sure that within those seconds your brands stands out and has the most of attention. We start off by getting to know each other, developing a strategy, following an action plan and setting our objectives.
  • This way, we start painting our canvas through publicity, we insert details by getting all of your demands done and sign the paiting with special private events.



Social Media | Photo & Video | Copywriting

  • One word can make a difference, and a photo is worth a thousand words, while a video is worth tens of thousands per second.
  • We, at Feather Agency, water “the feather into the inkwell” and, with you, find the most appropriate words, whether we are talking about pictures, videos or text, so that your presence on social media is unique.
  • And, because the presence of your brand must be adapted to the target group, we manage pages from Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, to Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.